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Printing is a type of process that is done in order to reproduce images and texts. This is done with the help of a template or a material that is known as the master form.  Cylinder seals were the earliest products that were not made if paper and involved printing. The form of printing that was first known to mankind is the wood block printing. In this method a block of wood was carved with the needed detail in the flat surface. The design or the text was embossed on it. The wood block is then dipped at the carved edge in a colored ink and was used to print the text or the image that was embossed to a paper or any other material. This technique is known to have appeared in China as early as 220 AD. Later, there was a tremendous development in the technology of printing which has led to the present day technology. In between today’s technology and the earliest form of printing, there were many changes that were made and followed in the period that was in between these two periods. Movable type of printing was invented by Bi Sheng during the period of 1040 AD. The printing press was invented in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenburg. Printing technology and its advancements have played a great role in the scientific revolution and the Renaissance. This technology has also formed the material basis for the economy that is knowledge based and modern. This has made learning possible to masses of people.

Movable type printing

The fifty fiveprinted is a type of printing and typography which used movable pieces of metal that were made by sating from matrices. These were struck together by letter punches. This type of printing provided a greater flexibility that what was attained using block printing or hand copying. The first movable printing technique was developed using porcelain as the material. Though wood block printing was seen as a cheaper method that was more efficient than movable printing, the number of people using this type slowly increased. This technique entered Korea during the Goryeo dynasty from China. Later Koreans developed this type of printing using bronze. This was not easily breakable like the porcelain and was easy to use. Jikji is the name of the book that was the first to be printed using a metal printer and this book was published in the year 1377. The most advanced techniques of printing are used at fifty fiveprinted service today.